What motivated you to become a Chef?
The art of cooking has always fascinated me, though act of cooking came to me much later. After my graduation I studied in IHM Ahmedabad, a hotel management college and there I decided to make this fascination my career.

I have done Diploma in Food Production from IHM Ahmedabad and have worked with Taj group of hotels in hospitality department in Cadila Pharma, Cambay Hotel. It’s been 10 years now that I have been working with Restaurants and there is no looking back.

What is your food philosophy?
Food should be delicious, whatever the cuisine be. We should always respect the food we eat and remember that it’s much easier to criticize someone’s food than creating it from scratch.

What is a day-in-the-life of a chef at 1944 The Hocco Kitchen?
Excellent planning and time management skills are required to be a chef at 1944 The Hocco Kitchen. There are Daily cross checks of standard kitchen systems, random trial of products which are in menus, new developments, timely delivery of food from kitchen to guest table. There is extremely well-structured Staff briefing, quality checks, hygiene check, introduction of new systems for better kitchen operation, new development of process, products, serving gears.

What is your favourite 1944 The Hocco Kitchen menu item?
Kutthu paratha with Smoked paneer masala

What do you enjoy cooking for your family and friends?
I totally enjoy cooking for my friends and family. And I cook whatever makes them smile and happy. For me, cooking is more of a lifestyle than just a profession.

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