What motivated you to become a Chef?
So, it all started when I was a kid. I was always enthusiastic about the recipes made by my grand ma and mom. It is that early in my life that I developed a taste for good food and love for ingredients. I used to sit with my Grand ma and get fascinated by her secrete spice mixes and her understanding of ingredients. Both my Grand mom and mom have been the biggest teachers as it is from them that I have learned how to combine different flavours together and make delicious recipes.

Post higher secondary education, it was very clear to me that I am going to be a chef. I worked with Taj Mahal Palace as a management trainee and there started my professional career. My training under Chef Hemant Oberoi helped me explore the core of culinary art, learn various cuisines, get an exposure to international celebrity chefs and understand exotic ingredients.

What is your food philosophy?
I believe when you see food, it’s your eyes that eat it first followed by nose and tongue.

Hence the food for me should not just taste delicious, but also look delicious and smell delicious.

What is a day-in-the-life of a chef at 1944 The Hocco Kitchen?
Each chef at the restaurant has a tough day making meals for our guests. The day starts at 9 am and ends only by midnight, and here a chef must make sure that each dish which goes out is perfect and as per the desire standards, irrespective of number of orders. We are supposed to keep our calm and work with our best of skills. We take extreme care of the hygiene as per the safety norms and international standards.

What is your favourite 1944 The Hocco Kitchen menu item?
As a chef, it’s very unfair if I say a dish is my favourite, as all of them are a result of immense hard work and each one has its unique taste and texture. Still, few top picks for me are our smoked paneer tikka, karari roti and world-famous Chana puri.

What do you enjoy cooking for your family and friends?
I enjoy cooking light salads for my family and friends and I love eating them too. I enjoy trying simple forms of complicated dishes when around family.

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